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Paschal, Saundra 903420.jpgTitle: Mathematics Teacher

Company: Lake View High School, San Angelo Independent School District

Location: San Angelo, TX

San Angelo, TX, January 28, 2016, Saundra Paschal, Mathematics Teacher at Lake View High School, located within the San Angelo Independent School District, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievement and leadership in algebra and pre-calculus education.

After starting her career as a teacher’s aide, Ms. Paschal became a mathematics teacher at Lake View High School and hasn’t looked back since. She has been with the district for the past 34 years now, and is responsible for teaching courses in algebra II and pre-calculus, coaching the mathematics team, providing advisement on books for publication, and coordinating the school’s university interscholastic league. Something Ms. Paschal likes to do when not in the classroom is take pictures of natural landscapes to capture evidence of mathematical functions as found in the real world. Those pictures make a really unique teaching tool.

Ms. Paschal earned a Bachelor of Science in mathematics with a minor in biology from Angelo State University in 1980. She is affiliated with the curriculum writing team at the San Angelo Independent School District, the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association and ASCD. Ms. Paschal was recognized with the Worldwide Lifetime Achievement from 2012 to 2013, and she was awarded the title of VIP of the Year from 2011 to 2012. She was also featured as one of the Top 12 Educators of the Year in a commemorative calendar, and in 2000, she won the Teacher of the Year Award. Looking forward, Ms. Paschal intends to continue teaching at the school, sharing her knowledge and mentoring other teachers.

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Paschal, Saundra 903420