Janet Koehnke


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Koehnke, Janet 36823Title: Professor, Chairwoman

Company: Montclair State University

Location: Bloomfield, NJ, United States

Bloomfield, NJ, United States, August 18, 2016, Janet Koehnke, Professor and Chairwoman of Montclair State University, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in education.

Distinguished for nearly four decades in education, Dr. Koehnke is an expert in psychoacoustics, binaural and spatial hearing and university teaching. She is proficient in grant writing, research, curriculum development, public speaking and program development. As a chairwoman and professor at Montclair State University, Dr. Koehnke oversees the day-to-day function of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. At the university, she teaches audiology and mentors student research. She has been a staple to the Montclair State University community for more than 11 years and credits her success to her persistence, hard work, ethic, diligence and goal-oriented nature.

Dr. Koehnke was inspired to go into her field due to her parents, Dr. Susan Jerger and Dr. Steve Colburn. She has also been inspired by her longtime mentor Dr. Joan Besing, who she worked with for 20 years. She got her start at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in communication science. She then obtained a master’s degree in audiology at the State University of New York at Geneseo. In 1983, she earned a Ph.D. in communication science from the University of Connecticut. She followed this up with a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT in 1986. The highlight of her career thus far has been developing the audiology program. This program opened at a time when the only other postdoctoral audiology program in New Jersey was closing, and she was able to offer openings to the students and faculty from this program. Continue reading

Ruth Hoffart


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Title: Librarian, Manager (Retired)

Company: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Location: Regina, SK, Canada

Regina, SK, Canada, August 15, 2016, Ruth Hoffart, Librarian, Manager (Retired) at Royal Canadian Mounted Police, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in law enforcement services.

After dedicating 47 years in the law enforcement field, Ms. Hoffart retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. During her time in the service, she helped develop a library that became a fully automated resource center used by cadets in training. Her position required her to be a leader, and she was often directing others, implementing organization management and training others regarding law enforcement. Her fruitful career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was recognized with a Long Service Medal.

Ms. Hoffart’s decision to join the RCMP is largely based on her desire to help others. Her success was built upon her selflessness, and because she enjoys helping others, she was also able to work well with her colleagues. Her career as a librarian and manager is speckled with many achievements, however, Ms. Hoffart points out that her greatest accomplishment has been sharing her information with others. In her retirement, she still enjoys helping others and is active at her local church where she is a Sunday school teacher. Continue reading

Valerie Besson


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Title: Audit Partner

Company: KPMG S.A.

Location: Puteaux, France

Puteaux, France, August 12, 2016, Valerie Besson, Audit Partner at KPMG S.A., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in auditing and advising services.

Focusing on the airline and energy industries, Ms. Besson is an industry expert with more than 20 years of valuable experience. With her specialty of advising on governance, she is known for auditing global clients. Ms. Besson joined the company in 1994 and has been integral to the success and growth of KPMG S.A. She is also an expert in other lines of business, including, industrial product, consumer markets, energy chemicals, pharmaceuticals, information, communication and entertainment. In addition, she has worked in financial due diligence, IFRS and US GAAP conversions, and carve-out audits.

Entertained by the idea to advise others, Ms. Besson obtained a master’s degree in finance and accounting. She has used this degree for personal and professional development. Ms. Besson attributes her international exposure as a large reason for her success. She has worked all over the globe, including Bucharest, New York and Short Hills. With this worldwide experience, she is able to provide high quality auditing services to an international client-base. At the present, she mostly works with a list of French clients. Continue reading

Wanda M. Obryan


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Title: Office Manager

Company: Lakeside Materials

Location: Upper Lake, CA, United States 

Upper Lake, CA, United States, August 9, 2016, Wanda Obryan, Officer Manager at Lakeside Materials, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in management.

For more than two years, Ms. Obryan has contributed to the success of environmental services, landscape and soil trucking company Lakeside Materials. Joining the company in a lower position, she quickly worked her way up to her management position. She credits this speedy progression to the amazing career training program and the training she had on the job. As a quick and effective learner, she helps make Lakeside Materials one of the best companies in the region.

Lakeside Materials is a family-owned company which specializes in supplying sod, landscape products, material hauling, as well as various other landscape-related services. When Ms. Obryan joined the company, she was quickly welcomed into the close-knit atmosphere. She is known to her colleagues as a person who is strong minded, big-hearted, forgiving and an independent thinker. These qualities have all served her well in her endeavors. In addition, Ms. Obryan is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, recognized for her contribution to family, career and community.

Ms. Obryan is also a champion for change and innovation in the company. She works toward inspiring her company to use greener materials and be more environmentally conscious. In return, the company has helped her attain skills such as driving an excavator. She has also displayed proficient use of her communication and customer service skills. In addition to her work with Lakeside Materials, she is actively involved with the Elder Independent Elder Living and Care, as well as supporting independent rights. She credits her family as her biggest inspirations to succeed. In her spare time, she enjoys rebuilding transmissions and motor as well as walking.

Contact Wanda Obryan

Obryan, Wanda 2153329

Marion A. Ainsworth, CAM


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Title: Office Manager (Retired)

Company: Desert Inn Mobile Estates Adult Phase 3 Association

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV, August 9, 2016, Marion Ainsworth, Retired Office Manager for Desert Inn Mobile Estates Adult Phase 3 Association has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in adult community services.

Distinguished for more than 32 years in the industry, Ms. Ainsworth became involved in this type of business due to her passion for working with seniors. Her position required precise management and organization skills. She was responsible for overseeing bookkeeping, paying bills, managing the payroll, assisting homeowners, assessing applications for quotes with contractors and ensuring the adult community is looked after. Continue reading

Hilaire Tavenner


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Title: Author, Writer

Company: Dutch Ink Publishing

Location: Lorain, OH, Canada

Lorain, OH, Canada, August 8, 2016, Hilaire Tavenner, Author and Writer of Dutch Ink Publishing, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in writing.

Dr. Tavenner had lead an extraordinary life, from her time as a Franciscan nun, to teaching in schools and currently public speaking and writing. She has published more than seven books, ranging in topics from her experience as a nun, to her journeys abroad and on various saints and public figures. It is on these topics that she publically speaks. She started her publishing company, Dutch Ink Publishing in 2000, where she writes and self-publishes her work.

After receiving a degree in the liberal arts from Maria Regina College, she continued her education at the Catholic University in Washington D.C. to earn a Bachelor of Arts in education. From there she earned a Master of Arts in religious studies from St. Charles Seminary. She earned a Ph.D. in reading and language arts from the University of South Florida. She has taught in private and public education systems, at elementary, high school and collegiate levels. Prior to teaching, Dr. Tavenner joined a convent at 17 years old. She left the order nearly two decades later to pursue other endeavors. Continue reading

Helen Marie Schmidt


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Schmidt, Helen 994888Title: Medical Director

Company: Gentiva Health Services, Inc. an Affiliate of Kindred At Home

Location: Spokane Valley, WA, United States

Spokane Valley, WA, United States, August 5, 2016, Helen Marie Schmidt, Medical Director at Gentiva Health Services, Inc. an Affiliate of Kindred At Home, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in in-home medical care.

Dr. Schmidt is a primary care provider who coordinates with nurse practitioners to make house calls for patients. Since 2007, she has directed the Mobile Medical Clinic. Dr. Schmidt has been active in the medical field for more than 50 years and considers her success and longevity in practice due to her passion. She has always had a desire to help others. Even with the prospect of retirement looming up ahead, she still sees herself involved in the medical field. For more than 35 years, Dr. Schmidt has served as a missionary in the Republic of Cameroon. She intends to continue these trips and participate in additional efforts. Continue reading


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