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Title: CEO

Company: Infinity Medical Spa Inc.

Location: Chatham, ON, Canada

Chatham, ON, Canada, July 27, 2016, Kathryn Suitor, CEO of Infinity Medical Spa Inc., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in beauty and skin care.

Ms. Suitor opened the doors to Infinity Medical Spa in 2010, and manages the business with the skills she has from her background in finance. Prior to opening the spa, she was a financial analyst at Union Gas, where she managed several small companies. In her role as the CEO, she handles the financials, marketing, budgeting, human resources, payroll and other daily operations. The spa provides such services as fat reduction, Botox injections, mole removal, cosmetic peels, nutrition consultancy and other various cosmetic and dietary services.

Prior to owning Infinity Medical Spa Inc., she managed a business and eventually took it over for it to become what it is today. She maintains connected to her community as a member of the BBB, as treasurer of United Way and on several local church committees. Her prompt to leave the financial industry and start Infinity Medical Spa was due to her husband being in a very bad car accident. She took this as a sign for change and saw that she could manage this business because of her qualities to lead. Ms. Suitor earned a degree in business and commerce from the University of Windsor.

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