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Nash, Constance 1603957Title: Founding Partner, President
Vedanti Systems Limited /
Semicom Inc HK Limited
Location: London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom, January 12, 2016, Constance Nash, Founding Partner and President of Vedanti Systems Limited / Semicom Inc HK Limited, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in the software and intellectual property industries.

Ms. Nash has led an illustrious career that began in 2001 when she created a 24/7 online concert initiative. This venture opened doors for her in the media industry, and she launched an allied software and IP firm known as Vedanti Systems Limited. At this firm, she developed technology that streamlined the transmittance of data over the Internet. She has patented this technology, along with several other software designs and has had to protect the IP in courts all over the world.

Continuing her success, Ms. Nash has also revolutionized other industries by her inventions and innovations. She introduced an image chipset used inside surveillance systems and cameras. This chipset, allowed for a better use of bandwidth transit usage. It has also been used in transporting films to movie theaters. Before Ms. Nash, films were brought to theaters in a physical can, and after her chipset invention, movies are sent digitally to equipment.

In addition to her leadership and technological developments, Ms. Nash is involved with the Women Presidents’ Organization, Women in Film and The Press Club. She has received multiple awards, including the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Field of Intellectual Property and Software Industry, Worldwide Who’s Who and a candidate in the Innovator in Technology Series from TIME Magazine. She is also a provider of Vitamin A to children around the world.

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Nash, Constance 1603957