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Stellar, Debra 532954Title: Director of Sales and Marketing
Company: Starlite Sign, LP
Location: Denton, TX United States

Denton, Texas, October 15, 2015, Debra Stellar, Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Sales and Marketing at Starlite Sign, LP, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in sales management.

Ms. Stellar has 29 years of professional experience, with 14 years as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Starlite Sign, LP. As an expert in sales management, she is responsible for interacting with clients and negotiating projects. She frequently manages these projects, working with high-profile companies along the way. Ms. Stellar is adept at developing and maintaining client relationships, as well as coordinating with municipalities

Looking back, Ms. Stellar attributes her success to her hard work, perseverance and tenacity. She prepared for her career by studying in the areas of business, accounting and psychology. In recognition of her professionalism and excellence, Ms. Stellar is a four-time recipient of the Vendor Sales Representative of the Year Award, as presented by Hastings Entertainment.

In her spare time, Ms. Stellar contributes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and she spends time with her seven grandchildren. She is also fond of watching football and basketball. In five years, Ms. Stellar hopes be at the height of her career. She has set goals to penetrate the international market and add more high-profile clients to her customer base.

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Stellar, Debra 532954