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Holmes, Monica 1962673Title: MRT Housing Counselor

Company: Bridging Access to Care

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Brooklyn, NY, May 18, 2017, Monica Holmes, MRT Housing Counselor at Bridging Access to Care, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in coaching and providing supportive care.

When Ms. Holmes decided to change her life more than a decade ago, she didn’t realize how many people she would go on to help. As a housing counselor, she is able to help individuals who are struggling to become stable in their process of growth and development. In her role, she connects these individuals with services and permanent housing. Ms. Holmes finds that helping underserved individuals and those enduring through substance abuse is a rewarding and fulfilling job. Relying on her strength and patience, she performs her responsibilities with confidence and determination, especially when overcoming red tape challenges to help individuals.

In order to help people in less fortunate circumstances, Ms. Holmes acquired a master’s degree in human services. She is able to relate to those undergoing hardship as she has persevered through difficult times as well. In her life, she has been successful in overcoming addiction and surviving an HIV positive diagnosis. She endeavors to continue building her influence to help others. She runs workshops and write grant proposals and aspires to expand her consulting and advocacy community services. In addition, Ms. Holmes participates in the Green Hope Services for Women. She is a member of the Brooklyn Treatment Court Alumni Advisory Board and the Center for Urban Community Services Incident Review Committee. Furthermore, Ms. Holmes takes to her neighborhoods to motivationally speak, run health education workshops in schools, senior centers and churches, and raise awareness about HIV/HCV, STI’s and addiction.

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Holmes, Monica 1962673