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de-rouvray-vie-1964611Title: Visionary Healer, Writer, Musician

Company: Bio Institute of Light and Sound Therapy

Location: Orlando, FL


ORLANDO, FL, January 20, 2017, VIE Loriot de Rouvray, Visionary Healer, Writer, Musician of Bio Institute of Light and Sound Therapy, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in her professional endeavors.

Ms. De Rouvray was born of the French aristocracy on an island called Caledonia, which is located between Australia and New Zealand. In January 1987, Ms. De Rouvray experienced a dramatic shift in consciousness which resulted in a complete lifestyle change. Her purpose, which involves communication in the healing arts, was revealed, and gifts from previous interplanetary incarnations were activated. A visionary and an Aquarius, Ms. De Rouvray heals people metaphysically, and often demonstrates light and sound therapy to others. She has also been guided to write, and to create music with the language of the light.

Ms. De Rouvray authored the book, “9.1.1. Complete Guide To Natural Healing.” The book’s purpose is to help people achieve perfect health by utilizing holistic therapies, natural methods and various other remedies. She discusses how other medications clean, but don’t cure the body, and about vaccinations that contain mercury and are harmful to the body.

Ms. De Rouvray also authored the first volume of “Destiny of the Dog,” a theory thriller about the mystical journey of a tainted angel and about how the culmination of historical events will interact with the prophecies of future days. The book features the ancient city of Antioch, fallen angels, ancient Indian legends and a secret religious sect created in the days of Jesus. The book illustrates a modern adventure through which Christianity is introduced to the world.

Another book by Ms. De Rouvray is titled, “Time is Ticking-The Fifth Amendment.” The second volume of this work explains the world today; it illustrates a fascinating and historical adventure that includes the return of Jesus and Marie Madeleine, who demonstrate the path of divine love.

Ms. De Rouvray truly began her healing mission when she was reunited with her colleague, who was in a wheelchair and wanted help. He was on prescription drugs, hungry, blind and in a constant foggy state of mind. Ms. De Rouvray stopped seeing clients for four months so that she could focus all of her time on him. He didn’t have money and he couldn’t even drink nor eat on his own. She nourished him, took care of him and helped him detox from his medications, in spite of the fact that she could only communicate with him during a few moments of clarity throughout each day. Although caring for him was controversial to people who did not approve, Ms. De Rouvray never gave up. That was the first step of her mission.

In the coming years, Ms. De Rouvray intends to continue to expand her business and heal those in need. She believes that spiritual growth, vitality, and wellness is the link to human primary purpose. In her eyes, life is a game, an adventure that has to be experienced, examined and understood in order to restore balance in body, mind, and spirit. Ms. De Rouvray believes the end result of infinite growth is to realize Oneness, and thus the meaning of life is growth in consciousness through mental, physical, and mind experiences, like pain, stress, anger, fear, illnesses and diseases.

“Frequency of Sound” is a healing CD produced by Ms. De Rouvray, which is comprised of the language of light on a sonic vibration. The CD recorded at Masterlab Studio with the cooperation of Trace, This can be purchased at the Bio Institute of Light and Sound.
In June 2015, Ms. De Rouvray will be autographing her three books and her CD, ‘Frequency of Sound,’ at the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo, in Tampa, Fla. She will also be presenting a lecture and a demonstration in Bio-Qi therapy.

Bio-Qi therapy and treatment is a Pleiadian’s advanced system of energy based on the knowledge from the Being of Light of the Fifth and Higher dimension. This unique therapy bridges the gap of the new era; Pleiadian ‘Angels’ have it in their mission to support and assist mankind in their evolution, to get them prepared for the higher frequencies directed at them, respecting their free will. Drugs will poison the body, however, and keep humankind in a loop. Sessions of Bio-Qi therapy address relaxation, stress, pain, emotional relief, balancing chakras, and detox, while also boosting the immune system to self-heal and activating dormant strands of DNA.

Ms. De Rouvray also recently finished her fourth book, “Karma Through the Window of Time – The Spiritual Journey of 2 Angels,” which should be released soon.

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