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graphic-design-woman-art-computer-paint-swatchesTitle: Owner

Company: Foreman Graphics

Location: Altadena, CA

 Altadena, California, November 30, 2016, Jacque Foreman, Owner of Foreman Graphics, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in graphic design.

Ms. Foreman has 44 years of experience as the owner of Foreman Graphics. Each day, she is responsible for handling all aspects of the business, which includes creating logos, graphic art, business stationery, brochures and fliers. She also edits a weekly newsletter for the business, and assists clients in building introductory websites at an affordable price.

Looking back, Ms. Foreman attributes her success to her perseverance, ability to change with the times, determined nature and work ethic. She became involved in her profession after working in the corporate world doing editing and typesetting. When she was asked to take over the typesetting responsibilities, she found she had a knack for this work. In years to come, Ms. Foreman intends to experience career growth.

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