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Title: 1) Former Project Manager 2) Office Manager, Tax Professional

Company: 1) Caterpillar 2) HRB Digital LLC

Location: East Peoria, IL




East Peoria, IL, November 15, 2016, Rose M. Byram, PMP, Former Project Manager at Caterpillar and Office Manager and Tax Professional with HRB Digital LLC, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in business leadership and project management.

Ms. Byram has 25 years of experience in project management, with nine years as a former project manager of Caterpillar and office manager and tax professional with HRB Digital LLC.  Each day, she is responsible for organizing projects, scheduling and supervising team members, and maintaining time and plan compliance. Additionally, she ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Looking back, Ms. Byram attributes her success to the support and encouragement she has received from her mentors. She became involved in her profession because she started in project management in the software industry, and although she did not know much about machinery, she had great mentors that coached her in the field. The highlight of her job was seeing a tractor being built from start to finish.

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