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Title: Business Decision Support Director

Company: JT International

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

With five years as a business decision support director of JT International, Svetlana Ryzhik sets herself apart through her focus and ability to develop strong departments and lead effective teams. On a daily basis, she works closely with marketing and product distribution, while creating strategic insights into marketing research and executing it into applications within the business. She also serves as a strong team leader and certified management accountant.

Looking back, Ms. Ryzhik attributes her success to her hard work and passion for what she does. She became involved in her profession because she began her career at Unilever as a young person. When the company decided to move out of her region, Ms. Ryzhik moved on to work at JT International. She spent 17 years in the company Startins as a financial analyst in Russia, and later moved to area of sales planning and market modeling. She has worked her way up to her current position through the company. In years to come, Ms. Ryzhik plans to continue to grow in her position.

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