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Title: Director of Pharmacy

Company: Concord Specialty Pharmacy

Location: Concord, ON

Sahar Whelan has 17 years of professional experience, with four years as a director of pharmacy at Concord Specialty Pharmacy. Throughout her career, she has grown her knowledge in a number of fields, including intravenous medication home care, which she considers to be an area of expertise. On a daily basis, Ms. Whelan oversees all operations of the business, and she works to ensure that the appropriate equipment and medication is set up for physicians who work for the business. She regularly works with children who come to the pharmacy for treatment. These children often require specialty pharmaceuticals and infusion equipment to treat the complex diseases they face.

As a caregiver and pharmacist, Ms. Whelan attributes her success to her internal drive, ambition and desire to help improve the home care patients’ quality of life. She became involved in her profession because after college, she purchased a small retail pharmacy, but felt that she lacked intellectual stimulation in the day-to-day pharmaceutical responsibility. She looked for ways that she could add to the business and responded to an ad about infusion. She educated herself and decided to incorporate it into her business, and it has been a natural progression from that point. In years to come, Ms. Whelan expects to procure home care patient contracts and convince government agencies to develop a new type of contract that will be more beneficial to home care patients.

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