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Title: Chief Administrative Officer

Company: PPEP, Inc.

Location: Tucson, AZ

On a daily basis as the chief administrative officer of PPEP, Inc., Kari Hogan is responsible for managing, directing and implementing programs for youths and adults in the areas of employment, training, case management and emergency services. She also works with communities and develops partnerships to leverage funding for the sustainability of programs. Ms. Hogan oversees career development and economic development strategies within high-growth and high-demand occupations, and she works with regional and national coalitions on legislative issues surrounding employment and training.

Looking back, Ms. Hogan attributes her success to her supervisor of the last 15 years, who has been a mentor and guide; she has given constructive criticism, has consistently been honest, and has let her fail at times in order to help her find her path and direction to success. The most gratifying aspects of Ms. Hogan’s career are being able to give people an opportunity to achieve their dreams, and watching adults and youths walk down the aisle in their caps and gowns during their graduation ceremonies, something they thought they could never achieve.

Ms. Hogan began working for PPEP in July of 1987 and has held a number of positions throughout the past 21 years of employment with the agency. She has shown the agency and its management that is able to do what it takes to implement successful programs and put in the time necessary to achieve goals. She has been dedicated to the programs in which she works and has had the opportunity to work with many individuals throughout her career. Through this dedication, she has achieved her goals and continued to work toward the next. She has taken programs that have achieved minimal success and turned them around, taken on new endeavors, and outdistanced expectations. Throughout her career, she has been given opportunities to see success rise from disappointments and rough roads.

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