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myers-katherine-1984495Title: Assistive Technology Specialist

Company: Wright State University

Location: Dayton, OH, United States

Dayton, OH, United States, October 10, 2016, Katherine Leigh Myers, Assistive Technology Specialist at Wright State University, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in technology.

Assistive technology is an umbrella term that covers assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities. As an assistive technology specialist, Ms. Myers is focused on understanding the needs of disabled and handicapped individuals and working with them to create better systems for their needs. In this position, she relies on her strength to connect with others, especially those who are disabled and their families. Becoming close with the people she works with helps her to more deeply understand their needs.

Always committed to her education, Ms. Myers first received a Bachelor of Science in rehabilitation services. This allowed her to begin working in her field. She continued to earn a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from Wright State University. In order to stay abreast of industry trends, Ms. Myers keeps up-to-date with changing technology. Technology is a big part of her profession and it is something she feels passionate about. In fact, her passion for technology has been passed on to her son, who is also heavily invested in technology.

Ms. Myers has worked in her field for quite some time and looks forward to retiring in the next five years. Once she retires, she endeavors to focus her time on volunteer work. At the moment, she is a volunteer and member of the choir at Patterson Park Church. She is also a member of AHEAD and RESNA. Additionally, Ms. Myers is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association and a Distinguished Delegate honored for continued contribution to the field of assistive technology.

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