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Title: Life Purpose Coach

Company: Excellence in Life Facilitation

Location: Round Rock, TX, United States

Round Rock, TX, United States, October 3, 2016, Dr. Zarin Gillani, Life Purpose Coach at Excellence in Life Facilitation, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in life coaching.

Dr. Zarin Gillani realized the people around her felt comfortable talking to her about their problems because she was empathetic and trustworthy. Realizing she had a gift to help others, she went into the therapy and coaching fields. Since that decision, Dr. Gillani has worked for nearly four decades with the goal of aiding others. In her current endeavor, she mentors and supports clinical therapists, provides one-on-one as well as group and team coaching and speaks on personal development. She is adept at facilitating relationships, assessing values and ensuring her clients are able to have fun and enjoy their lives.

In order to provide the exemplary care she does for her clients, Dr. Gillani obtained several degrees. She earned a Master of Science in metaphysics and holds two Ph.D.s; one in clinical psychology and the other in educational psychology. Furthermore, she is a certified Stephen Covey Trainer and a leadership trainer from the NetResults Public Speaking/Coaching. She is certified in nonprofit leadership management and as a neuro-linguistic programmer. These certifications allow her to be open and flexible with her services and handle every client that seeks out her guidance.

Throughout her career, Dr. Gillani has several achievements. Recently, she was asked a guest speaker at the National Association for Professional Development that was held at Harvard University. The National Association of Distinguished Professionals and Toastmasters International have also bestowed honors upon her. Dr. Gillani chalks up her success to her empathy and commitment to continuous learning. She cannot picture herself doing anything else in her life and intends to continue coaching and speaking for as long as possible.

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