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hadi-sabiha-1810077Title: Managing Director

Company: Sabiha Hadi Consulting Ltd.

Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Cheshire, United Kingdom, September 1, 2016, Sabiha Hadi, Managing Director of Sabiha Hadi Consulting Ltd., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in management consultancy.

Ms. Hadi is responsible for handling management consulting services in the accounting, finance, health care, technology and transport sectors. On a daily basis, she works under contract for multinational companies, remaining compliant with clients and maintaining contacts with various companies and agencies. Ms. Hadi has been in this industry for nearly three decades and parlays her experience to her own firm. Businesses benefit from her management skills, which also include budgeting, internal auditing, forecasting and preparing income tax, VAT and other statements.

To prepare for a career in business management and consulting, Ms. Hadi obtained the AAT and CIMA certifications. Her career had been molded by mentors, who have provided her with guidance and support. She has remained passionate about the industry throughout the years. This passion has aided in ensuring one of the highlights in her career went smoothly. One of her most career-defining moments has been working at the Department of Health, where she was responsible for handing in all final accounts to Parliament for approval.

Ms. Hadi is an asset in the industry, especially due to her multilingual skills, which helps business owners across the board. She continues to provide high-quality service by staying at the forefront of the ever-changing marketplace. Her clients are able to advance and move their organizations forward based on the work Ms. Hadi and her team conduct. In addition to running the business, Ms. Hadi also has philanthropic endeavors, such as supporting her family in building an all-girls school in India. She also supports Macmillan Cancer Support and WaterAid.

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