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Title: Investigative Psychologist, Attorney, College Professor, Consultant, Forensic Psychologist

Company: York College of Pennsylvania

Location: Hanover, PA, United States

Hanover, PA, United States, August 24, 2016, Marilou Erb, Investigative Psychologist, Attorney, College Professor, Consultant, Forensic Psychologist of York College of Pennsylvania, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in higher education.

Recognized for a successful career as a prosecutor, Ms. Erb was called by York College to teach law classes at the university. After accepting the position, she discovered her love of the teaching profession and has been with the university for 16 years. She continued providing services in the legal field up until two years ago and made the decision to devote her entire time to education. Not only did Ms. Erb contribute to the law field as a prosecutor, but also as an investigative psychologist and forensic psychologist.

Ms. Erb is well-rounded and successful in both her professional and personal lives. She earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts in psychology and law from Calvin College. She continued her education at the Cooley Law School to earn a JD. While maintaining a fulfilling career in prosecution, she also raised a family. Her children are now fully grown and have all graduated from college. Looking toward the future, Ms. Erb endeavors to continue her professional growth in education. She intends to earn a doctorate and teach in Ireland. Additionally, she is working toward earning an online certification so she can teach online and open a consulting business.

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