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Wells, Holly 2120937Title: Information Technology Finance Consultant, Entrepreneur

Company: Eye Love Nature

Location: Chicago, Il, United States

Chicago, Il, United States, July 27, 2016, Holly Ann Wells, Information Technology Finance Consultant and Entrepreneur for Eye Love Nature, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in information technology consulting and a sustainable living nonprofit.

Since 2006, Ms. Wells has provided consulting work for information technology companies primarily dealing in finance. She coordinates and directs various projects from development to design and execution. With her strong interpersonal and communication skills, she works with companies on strategy, quality control and organizational management. Recently, Ms. Wells has started a new chapter in her life, creating the environmental conscientious nonprofit Eye Love Nature. By creating a website for Eye Love Nature, she endeavors to bring awareness to the ways people can help respect and make the world a more sustainable entity. On the website for the nonprofit, she outlines the core values and provides event information for workshops such as yoga, meditation and healthy recipes.

Ms. Wells attended Michigan State University to earn a Bachelor of Arts in finance. She earned an MBA in management and information systems from Loyola University while working full time at Aon. With her natural creativity and educational background, she excels at developing innovative ideas that solve complex problems and satisfy project needs. During her time as a consultant, she has worked with companies such as CTS Holdings, Inc, The Warranty Group and LaSalle Bank. In addition to her degrees, she is a certified Dream Coach.

With affiliation to the Meaning Institute, the Triple Helix Association and the National Association of Professional Women, Ms. Wells stays abreast of trends in both information technology and environmental consciousness.  In 2014, the National Association of Professional Woman honored her with a Woman of the Year award. Additionally, she is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, recognized for her contribution to family, career and community. In the coming years, she endeavors to grow her nonprofit and continue providing consulting services.

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Wells, Holly 2120937