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Title: Owner, President

Company: Wanessa-Sue, Inc.

Location: Kingsman, AZ, United States

Kingsman, AZ, United States, July 18, 2016, Wanessa Pence, Owner and Presidents of Wanessa-Sue, Inc., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in construction, building and home improvement.

After serving four years in the United States Navy, Ms. Pence entered the construction field upon returning to civilian life. She started out digging ditch for foundations in the beginning, but it became evident through her attention to detail that she was destined for higher-level work. After working in architectural drafting for many years, she came to head her own company, which builds a green housing product. The Airlight Building Panels, which are mold and termite resistant, are also energy efficient, due to being constructed with steel-framed polystyrene. This product also contains no heat or cold transfer, resulting in 50-60 percent in energy savings. 

Ms. Pence prepare for her career by earning a Bachelor of Science in construction from Northland Pioneer College, and three additional degrees in agricultural drafting. She prepared architectural blueprints for clients from 1989 to 2005 with SRT Drafting. These blueprints were submitted to the planning and zoning departments. One of her greatest accomplishments has been creating her own 27,000 square foot building. The building has 25,000 square foot of manufacturing and warehousing space, and the additional 2,000 square feet is office space.

Not only is Ms. Pence active in the construction field, she supports many different organizations and has several honors. Her most recent honor was in 2015 with Top Female Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. In addition, she is affiliated with the Historic Vehicle Association, the United States green Building Council, the Chamber of Commerce of Kingman, the International Association of Plumbers and Mechanical Operators, IAPMP Codes and Standards, the National Home Builders Association, the International Code Council, the Fabricators Manufacturers Association and the United States Building Council.

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