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Inesta, Samantha 1964392Title: Founder, Executive Director

Company: BeaSister2aSister

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Brooklyn, NY, United States, July 19, 2016Samantha Inesta, Founder and Executive Director of BeaSister2aSiter, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in mentoring services for women.

Ms. Inesta believes when women stand together, they can be a unified force that can bring an end to such human atrocities as trafficking. As a dedicated and passionate human rights fighter, she has traveled the world to aid survivors of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and trafficking. She has run her nonprofit organization for more than four years, but has more than a decade of experience in working for nonprofits. She works toward connecting women all over the world in forming an international sisterhood to tackle societal and cultural divisions. For her work, she has traveled to places such as Egypt and Nigeria.

The organization provides extended resources and pick up where other programs leave off with counseling, legal and medical help as well as housing, GED/ESL classes and job training. The nonprofit provides accompaniment to all appointments and has group and one-on-one sessions with survivors. BeaSister2aSister helps women and girls get badly needed access to the resources that have been cut off from them for one reason or another. Donations help the organization extend their cooking and photography classes and opens up job opportunities in these fields.  Donations also help to provide necessities such as food, toiletries and transportation.

From an early age, Ms. Inesta knew she wanted to work to erase the problems facing women in the world. She obtained a certification in international affairs from New York University, and prior to launching her own nonprofit, she was an anti-trafficking coordinator for the National Organization for Women for nine years. She has also maintained affiliation with the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition and We Were Slaves. Ms. Inesta intends to continue spreading awareness and providing services for women who have endured some of the worst traumatic experiences.

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Inesta, Samantha 1964392