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Aplikowski, Beverly 2044257Title: Chief Executive Officer, President

Company: Lakeside Homes, Inc.

Location: Arden Hills, MN, United States

Arden Hills, MN, United States, July 15, 2016, Beverly Aplikowski, Chief Executive Officer and President of Lakeside Homes, Inc., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in real estate.

Lakeside Homes, Inc. has been a part of Ms. Aplikowski’s life since 1962, when she opened it with her husband Richard. Providing manufactured homes that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and floor plans, these homes are transportable, and can be placed on residential plots, in a rental community or a planned subdivision. Not only does the company sell purchasable homes, but also offers rentable sections of land to place a home on. Ms. Aplikowski has helped create a strong close-knot community and continues to work on estate planning.

Through training, learning and hands-on experience, Ms. Aplikowski has mastered the care and upkeep of her organization. She started as the vice president of corporate strategy and through the years became the president and CEO. As her industry is currently in a snag, she is working hard to revitalize it. This dedication to her business is a testament to her strengths, which centers on her willingness to work hard, be compassionate and work ethically. She endeavors to be the ‘Top Dog’ in the industry, and leave the business in the care of her children in the coming years.

In addition to her business, Ms. Aplikowski takes great pride in her family. Citing inspiration and encouragement she received from her father, she always makes the effort to improve her surroundings. While proud of her business, the accomplishment she has the most joy over is her six children and twenty grandchildren. In addition, Ms. Aplikowski has been an involved community member. She is the former mayor and council member of the Arden Hills, chair of CD Republicans, MN Manufacturing Housing Industry and the Council of Catholic Women.

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Aplikowski, Beverly 2044257