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Cortese, Antonella 2149949Title: Director/Teacher

Company: Comitato Promotore della Lingua Italiana

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Edmonton, AB, Canada, July 15, 2016, Antonella Cortese, Director and Teacher of the Comitato Promotore della Lingua Italiana, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in education.

For nine years, Dr. Cortese has created curriculum and implemented teaching at an Italian language school. In addition to training teachers and students alike in second language acquisition methodology, her work extends beyond the classroom. Dr. Cortese partakes in grant writing and community outreach as a demonstration of her dedication to creating the best learning environment. Her work helps reconnect the Italian-Canadian community in the area, as well as introduce others into this network. In addition to running the organization, she operates a doctorate editing service, where she assists clients in editing, researching and understanding Ph.D. material. 

Dr. Cortese was asked to undertake the role of director for Comitato Promotore della Lingua Italiana. She was a part of the group that helped create the language school in 2008. Her education in the United States greatly affected her decision to become an educator, as English is her second language. Seeing the difficulties and limited resources her schools and teachers worked with, inspired her to enter the profession. Dr. Cortese earned a Master of Arts in bilingual, multilingual and multicultural education from Wayne State University, and earned a Ph.D. in education from San Diego University/Claremont Graduate University’s joint doctoral program.

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Cortese, Antonella 2149949