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Title: Project Manager

Company: Adena Health System

Location: Frankfort, OH, United States

Frankfort, OH, United States, July 14, 2016, Carol Ater, Project Manager at Adena Health System, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in information technology.

Recognized for more than 10 years of distinguished service at Adena Health System, Ms. Ater’s ability to see the bigger picture – and take on the bigger projects – sets her apart from her peers. Backed by the strength of her concise organizational skills, she enjoys her position as it allows her to help patients in a different way than a medical professional. Lead by a great mentor and faith, she ensures that any task she undertakes will be well done.

In order to provide these services in information technology and project management, Ms. Ater graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems. She has previously worked for the company Horizon Technology. Looking toward the future, Ms. Ater intends on refining her project management skills with additional certifications, as well as a master’s degree. She is interested in moving into a role in health care informatics. She maintains affiliation with the Ohio Federation of Business and Professional Women, and she was recognized with a Distinguished Member Award in 2014. In addition, she supports the Red Cross, the Arthritis Foundation and the Epilepsy Foundation.  Furthermore, she is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, recognized for her contribution to family, career and community.

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