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Linke, Freida 1688407Title: Artist, Gallery Owner

Company: Linke’s Local Arts

Location: Stayner, Ontario, Canada

Stayner, Ontario, Canada, June 30, 2016, Frieda Linke, Artist and Gallery Owner at Linke’s Local Arts, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in creating and selling art.

Art has been a lifelong passion for Ms. Linke, but it was not until recently when she picked up a brush and pursued her dream of creating art and opening a gallery. After studying art in high school and at the local library, this self-taught artist took off a few decades to raise her family. Together with her daughter Arrin, Ms. Linke opened Linke’s Local Arts, a space to promote other arts and sell art supplies. Ms. Linke often paints landscapes and scenery, and uses oil, pastel and acrylic paints. In addition to running a gallery, she provides private art lessons and is working on expanding to a new location.

Ms. Linke is involved in her community, as a board member of the Purple Hills Art Community and the Stayner Chamber of Commerce. Due to her art career, she has been published in high-profile magazines and been a guest on radio programs. With the Stayner Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Linke established Art in the Park. In 2009, she was featured in a national exhibit in Montreal, one of the highlights of her career. Buyers from the United States and Canada have also purchased her art. She endeavors to continue growing her career, her business and tour with her artwork.

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Linke, Freida 1688407