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Title: Head of School

Company: The Renaissance International School

Location: Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA, May 25, 2016, Leslie Hites, Head of School for the Renaissance International School, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in education services.

Ms. Hites opened the doors to The Renaissance International School in 1992, and continues to serve as the head of the school. The school is styled in the vein of the Montessori educational approach, and Ms. Hites cites being inspired by the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. The school focuses on tri-lingual education, and facilitating a multicultural environment. Students learn English, Spanish and French, and are immersed in art, music and both traditional and nontraditional learning subjects. The school accepts students as early as two years old and continues its education to middle school. 

Dedicated to the Montessori educational system, Ms. Hites works toward helping people understand the globally diverse world we live in. With her incomparable communication skills, aided by her education at the Uni­ver­sité de Louvain, she is able to bridge gaps among people and learning. She believes the more you can communicate with others through language, the greater the appreciation of different cultures. This reflects positively which results in fewer barriers.

Ms. Hites serves on the board of trustees for The NewGate-Field School, and the board of the International Montessori Council. She is also enlisted as a parent educator, coach and trainer for the International Network of Children and Families. In addition, she teaches an eight-week program titled Redirecting Children’s Behavior in the San Francisco Bay area. Ms. Hites comes from a diverse background, having been born in Colombia, and spending her childhood and adolescence in Italy, Washington D.C. and Chile. She came upon the Montessori education after researching an educational system for her own children, and decided to open her own institute to develop the potential of her own and other children.

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