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Company: Fit to Go/Immunotec

Title: Owner and Consultant/Sales Associate

Location: Burnaby, BC

Burnaby, BC, April 8, 2016, Jane Read, Owner and Consultant for Fit to Go and Sales Associate for Immunotec, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for her achievements, dedication and leadership in health care and fitness.

For two decades, Ms. Read has been a fitness instructor known for her coaching and mentoring skills. With an expertise and focus on senior fitness care, she demonstrates her astute ability to create fitness programs and regimens with individualized attention. “As we age, it becomes important to listen to the body more and more. Exercises that were once appropriate might not be anymore and it’s important to work with our body instead of inadvertently working against it,” Ms. Read says, adding that she took on a sales role with Immunotec five years ago to begin offering nutritional supplements to her fitness clients. In doing so, she has developed a unique offering to her clients from both a fitness and health perspective. 

Ms. Read is a team leader, a mentor and a PR guru in her local community. She facilitates discussions about health and wellness, works with young girls and women as a role model and promotes events and meetings for young women to develop professional skills before and as they enter the workplace through Girl Guides of Canada. Gratified by her ability to help others, Ms. Read has been recognized in her career with numerous awards, including a Diamond Jubilee Award that she earned in 2012 for her community work.

Prior to establishing her career, Ms. Read earned a bachelor’s degree in recreation administration from the University of Alberta. It was during this time that her passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals was truly ignited. Her focus on senior care came soon thereafter and she began studying the ways in which the body ages. Through this thinking and her experience, Ms. Read began developing her in-home programs. As she looks to the future, she plans to continue offering her fitness programs and selling through Immunotec.

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