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Binette Munn, Danielle 1579609Title: Consultant

Company: Validant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Quebec, Canada, February 22, 2016, Danielle Binette Munn, Consultant with Validant Pharmaceuticals International Inc., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in pharmaceutical consulting and administration.

Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, Ms. Binette Munn specializes in the idea developing and system building components of the pharmaceutical industry. Responsible for developing business operations, ensuring the highest of quality products are manufactured and handling compliance and regulations, Ms. Binette Munn relays her expertise to her latest position at Validant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

One of Ms. Binette Munn’s recent projects consisted of developing an Inspection Readiness Tool with the objective of assisting an EMEA region medical device quality organization in the preparation for regulatory FDA and EMEA authorities inspection. The project required input from eight different sites located in France (6 sites), Spain (1 site) and Italy (1 site). Cross-functional teams were set up throughout the company involving representatives from several departments, such as QA Local and Corporate, Legal, Purchasing, Production, Research and Development, IS and HR. The project was extended to include other regions, such as the United States, where the quality corporate organization resides. A meeting with the president of the company was held to review the output of the project and to provide an overview of a position paper, including a quality road map.

While originally attending university to pursue a degree in pharmacy, Ms. Binette Munn discovered in her third year that she enjoyed the business side of the industry. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Montreal and has followed up with coursework at the London School of Business & Finance, Duke University and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. For her innovative work in the field, she has received the Aventis Chairman Award, the CEO Award and a certificate from Abbott Laboratories. Out of the many highlights throughout her career, Ms. Binette Munn notes the structure she developed to manufacture a closed-loop system in an automation process and fully validate systems in 1990 as the most notable of her accomplishments. Currently, Ms. Binette Munn is working on a project for a medical device from Italy that is looking to have a worldwide distribution.

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Binette Munn, Danielle 1579609