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Costikyan, June 850132Title: Senior Consultant

Company: Restoration by Costikyan Ltd.

Location: Long Island City, NY

Long Island City, NY, February 16, 2016, June Costikyan, Senior Consultant at Restoration by Costikyan Ltd., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Restoration by Costikyan Ltd. has been owned and operated by Ms. Costikyan’s family for more than 130 years. As the senior consultant, Ms. Costikyan is looked to for her more than 50 years of experience. She handles client affairs, oversees restorations and cleaning services for museums, libraries and organizations. In addition, she lectures on the proper care of carpets, restoration and cleaning at several institutions. She maintains a working relationship with the Vanderbilt Museum, Hearst Castle and several other notable institutions. In the coming years, she intends on training the next generation of Costikyans to uphold the integrity of the family business. 

Ms. Costikyan was trained in carpet restoration by Fred Passenant and Samuel Proodian, who in the late 1960’s and 70’s had been with the company for 50 years. She was trained in Eastern, Western and Old World methods of carpet care. She started working for the family business in the 1960’s as an assistant to the manager of the service department, and was promoted to work in the sales department with her father to assist in buying and selling. Additionally, she is known for heading the special order and broadloom departments. Ms. Costikyan has had formal training in modern art and art history as well as training in radio and television. The company is owned and operated by her son Philip, who was trained by her, her father and grandfather.

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Costikyan, June 850132