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Cozzolino, Claudia 1985681Title: Licensing Manager

Company: Rackspace

Location: San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, February 15, 2016, Claudia Cozzolino, Licensing Manager at Rackspace, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in the technology industry.

With encouragement from her mother at 17 years old, Ms. Cozzolino’s mother introduced her to this career. Over time, she developed a passion and had fallen in love with the business. Her career took her to Brazil where she first worked for Allen Informática as a technology manager. Her gifts were soon recognition in 2000, when she was hired as a business development manager for Microsoft. Ms. Cozzolino left the company in 2015, and joined Rackspace, a cloud computing service based in Texas.

Her duties in this position entail facilitating full software licence life cycle for business processes and systems for complex software license models. She works across departments and different management levels to identify, define and promote license utilization opportunities. She has overcome adversity in this industry by relying on her skills of negotiating, navigating contract agreements and reaching goals. She earned a Bachelor of Technology from the Centro Universitario Ibero-American and a master’s degree in computer systems analysis from the Centro Universitario Alvares Penteado.

Ms. Cozzolino balances a successful career while providing her children the tools to grow and create their own rewarding lives. The inspiration she draws from her children has aided her in reaching her goals. She aims to be a role model for her children, and has received awards to honor her dedication to work, such as, the Best Seller: Direct to the Future, Best Licensing Specialist: Expedicao ao Vale Nevado, .NET Champion: Academic Solutions, CPE Champion: Improve Customer and Partner Experience from NSAT, and the Gold Star Award for Performance and Contribution.

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Cozzolino, Claudia 1985681