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Iteld-Jurin, Melissa 805200Company: Brown Academy
Title: Writer, Teacher, Dancer
Location: Great Neck, NY United States

Great Neck, NY, October 5, 2015, Melissa Iteld-Jurin, Writer, Dancer and Teacher at Brown Academy, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievement and leadership in performance arts education.

Melissa Iteld-Jurin has always been passionate about education and the arts. She is a writer, dancer and educator who is most noted for her ability to teach students the art of writing, and how they can share their thoughts fluently and creatively. At Brown Academy in Great Neck, N.Y., Ms. Iteld-Jurin offers her students a wealth of knowledge related to literature and authorship.

A graduate of Columbia University’s Teachers College, Ms. Iteld-Jurin holds a Master of Arts in history and education. She also attended Barnard College, from which she earned a bachelor’s degree in history with minors in French and dance. Ms. Iteld-Juring now intends to further her studies in education by obtaining a master’s degree in special education with a concentration in autism.

Ms. Iteld-Juring is a lifelong dance student with a focus on tap, ballet and point. She has studied under esteemed dancers such as Rosemarie Lindt and Suzana Stankovic. Another creative outlet for Ms. Melissa Iteld-Jurin is her writing. At the moment, she is penning a novel with Sandra Hochman, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and award-winning poet. The book is titled “Dying to Get Under the Chuppah.”

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Iteld-Jurin, Melissa 805200