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Moore, Emily 98907.jpgTitle: 1) Founder, Executive Director 2) Teacher

Company: 1) Alliance Junior Development Program Inc. 2) Ulysses Byas Elementary School

Location: Roosevelt, NY

Roosevelt, NY, February 8, 2016, Emily Moore, Founder and Executive Director of the Alliance Junior Development Program Inc., and Teacher with Ulysses Byas Elementary School, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in physical education and leadership.

Throughout the course of her lifetime, Emily Moore recalls two very distinct areas of focus that have propelled her forward in both her personal and professional life: the importance of sports and the importance of fair play. In this sense, she has dedicated her entire life to eradicating inequality, no matter where it may be found. She began her career as a physical education teacher, but eventually branched out to establish the Alliance Junior Development Program Inc., a tennis company that offers tennis instruction, athletic training, youth development, counseling, leadership training, sports consulting, event planning and community organizing. Although Ms. Moore was initially drawn to team sports because of her own natural ability in this area, she has enjoyed building a versatile career that allows her to promote good health and working well with others.

Ms. Moore attributes much of her inner strength to her mother, who told her to always do her best. She took these words to mean that she should be consistent and disciplined, and exercise self control while working hard at everything she does. A strong advocate of civil rights, Ms. Moore was an active demonstrator while she was attending Morgan State University. She takes pride in being the first of 11 students to be arrested for refusing to leave a segregated lunch counter. This event gained so much attention that Dr. Martin Luther King visited the college to encourage Ms. Moore and her colleagues to keep working toward their goals. Ms. Moore eventually completed a Bachelor of Science in physical education, and went on to receive a Master of Science in education and counseling from Hofstra University in 1972. She is currently certified through New York state to teach K-12 physical education.

In recent years, Ms. Moore has focused her attention toward the Alliance Junior Development Program Inc., which aims “to continue to be the vehicle through which we teach discipline, self control and academic excellence to our young people.” Since its inception, the program has helped many youngsters obtain full tennis scholarships, in addition to producing graduates from some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and university. As the founder and executive director, Ms. Moore develops the curriculum and promotes awareness of services. In her spare time, she coaches students on the finer points of the game, such as stroke production and the technical aspects of the swing in an effort to teach sound fundamentals from the ground up. In the coming years, Ms. Moore hopes to continue down the same road, providing students with a fun, healthy and productive way to achieve confidence in their own lives.

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