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Title: Pastor
Company: First United Methodist Church
Location: Arapahoe, NE United States

Arapahoe, NE, January 21, 2016, Becky Saddler, Pastor at First United Methodist Church, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievement and leadership in religious services.

After 24 years as a comedian, motivational speaker and music teacher, Ms. Saddler received the opportunity to preach at her church. The pastor there asked her if she could be available during Lenten services, and thereafter encouraged her to continue, as he recognized ministry as her true calling. Her prowess for public speaking definitely aided her in her endeavors, as her role includes conducting Bible study groups, mentoring and providing ministry to multiple congregations. Ms. Saddler also visits nursing homes, and, as a rural pastor, she is very connected to the community.

She is affiliated with the Local Licensed Pastors Association and PEO, and is a member of the Chambers of Araphoe, Nebraska and Beaver City, Nebraska. Ms. Saddler is involved with assisted living and retirement communities, and attributes her success to her mother, her faith in God and the encouragement she received from teachers and mentors.

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