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Abrams, Maritza 1784122Title: 1) Microbiology Consultant
2) Owner

Company: 1) The Quantic Group, Ltd
2) MA Abrams Services, Inc.

Location: Bayamon, Puerto Rico United States

Bayamon, Puerto Rico, December 10, 2015, Maritza Abrams, Microbiology Consultant at The Quantic Group, Ltd and Owner of MA Abrams Services, Inc., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in pharmaceutical consulting services.

Distinguished for nearly two decades of lending her expertise in pharmaceutical consulting, Ms. Abrams continues to provide services that benefit clients. She has spent a decade with The Quantic Group as a subcontractor and microbiologist, researching and developing for the McNeil Consumer Healthcare. Her commitment to detail and to fulfilling the requests of her clients extends to her own business, where she also provides consulting services. She mentors and develops technical documents that support standpoints using her microbiology knowledge. Another responsibility of having the qualifications she does is reviewing documents and ensuring compliance for regulating agencies.

Ms. Abrams earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Pontifical Catholic University and continued with postgraduate studies in microbiology from the Universidad de Puerto Rico. She originally planned to become a pediatrician, but her interests shifted to studying biology and contributing in that concentration during college. She has been successful in pharmaceutical consulting services due to her supportive and understanding way of talking and treating her clients. Her contributions have earned her the Symbol Employee of the Year from the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Puerto Rico in 1999.

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Abrams, Maritza 1784122