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Dessureault, Josee 1579492Title: Quality Control Manager
Company: Alco-TMI Inc.
Location: Saguenay, QC Canada

Saguenay, Canada, December 9, 2015, Josee Dessureault, Quality Control Manager of Alco-TMI Inc., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in operations management and control.

For eight years, Ms. Dessureault has ensured the seamless operational function of mechanical and industrial manufacturing company Alco-TMI Inc. No day is the same for Ms. Dessureault, who is relied upon to guarantee only the highest of standards are met. She commands a team and uses a keen eye for detail to oversee installation processes, and can give authority on when to proceed with tasks. She specializes in inspecting welding, having studied it for three months in Toulouse at Airbus. She is a certified high pressure welder and a Canadian Welding Bureau Level 11 Visual Inspector.

Ms. Dessureault desired a career change and after winning a contest and going to school, she chose a hands-on job that also included her want for leading a team. She believes her temperament and problem-solving ability have helped guide her in professional development. She continues learning in order to stay ahead of the curve and experiencing progression.

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Dessureault, Josee 1579492