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Title: Coach and Mediator
Family Mediation of South Florida
Miami, FL United States

Miami, FL, December 4, 2015, Stephanie King, Coach and Mediator at Family Mediation of South Florida, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in dispute resolution and counseling.

After many years of teaching, Ms. King retired and made the decision to go into coaching and mediation with the goal of reducing violence. She is a certified professional coach from the International Coaching Certification Alliance as well as a certified non-violence communication coach from the New York Center for Non-Violent Communication. Ms. King also received conflict resolution training from Rutger’s University Center for Civic and Law-Related Education. With all of these certifications and training, Ms. King is able to connect with children and young adults and work to elevate their lives and communities through motivation and dedication.

The success of Ms. King’s work is prevalent in the accomplishments of her students and adolescents she has mentored and coached. She is proud of the number of students that have chosen to stay in school due to her influence. Several of these students have gone on to attend top universities such as Harvard and Yale. Another highlight is the fortune Ms. King had as she was able to bring a group of these students to Rome to participate in a summit. Ms. King also contributes to the coaching and mediation community as a board member for the Association of South Florida of Mediators and Arbitrators.

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