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Title: Founder
Company: Lifelyme
Location: Tallahassee, FL United States

Tallahassee, FL, November 25, 2015, Sandi B. Lanford, Founder of Lifelyme, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in health education.

A visionary leader in her field, Mrs. Lanford founded Lifelyme as a way to provide educational resources for patients, physicians and researchers seeking information about Lyme disease and other neuroendocrine immune diseases. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease at the age of 52, she was motivated to become educated about health, infectious illnesses and scientific research. Through her own experiences dealing with Lyme disease, Mrs. Lanford realized that there was much to be done regarding the general knowledge of infectious diseases, especially illnesses that could become chronic, like Lyme disease.

Mrs. Lanford credits several individuals for their assistance in her mission to research chronic illnesses and their possible connection to Lyme disease, including Dr. Whitaker, who hired Mrs. Lanford in 2003 to act as a consultant for the Bowen Research and Training Center. In this position, Mrs. Lanford is tasked with receiving calls from patients, physicians and researchers located throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, who are seeking answers about the Bowen test and Lyme disease. Since then, Mrs. Lanford has become recognized as an expert in her own right, and takes great pride in being an advocate for individuals faced with these chronic illnesses. One of the greatest highlights of her career was participating in a 2008 medical conference sponsored by Lifelyme at the Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. Prior to the event, she was responsible for organizing the conference program, designing the brochure, inviting the speakers, setting up the program and choosing the title of the conference: “Similarities and Paradoxes in Chronic Illnesses.” Credited with opening up the debate on the connections between chronic neurological diseases, the conference was a huge success.

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