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Morgan McNiel, Roxanne 219806Title: Teacher (Retired)

Company: San Diego County Office of Education

Location: Spring Valley, CA United States

Following a successful career as an educator, Ms. McNiel chose to continue channeling her creative energy as the business owner of Della Queen, an entertainment and education company. In an effort to deter youth from making choices that might lead to incarceration, Ms. McNiel and her husband focus on H-Code music that is respectful and poetic. This new genre of rap does not include curse words, and all featured artists agree to abide by this requirement.

Ms. McNiel has an album under the name Della Queen on CD Baby entitled Love Chronicles Part I, which is poetry to music. Her husband, Curtis McNiel, serves as the editor for “Today’s Rapper,” which is presented by H-Code and can be viewed here. At the present moment, Della Queen is focusing on performing and hosting events, gathering artists for any venue necessary, especially for the community, and completing a movie that is based on true content. The company recently completed a commercial for “The Prison Microphone” on YouTube. To find out more about Della Queen and H-Code, please visit www.hcodepresents.com.

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Morgan McNiel, Roxanne 219806