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Sandberg, Susan 1964231Title: Director of Consulting Services (Retired)
Company: Oracle
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT, October 27, 2015, Susan Sandberg, Retired Director of Consulting Services for Oracle, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievements and leadership in information technology.

Drawing from 36 years of experience in the field of information technology, Ms. Sandberg spent the last 19 years of her career providing consultation services in large system design, analysis and management. Focusing specifically on the financial and business sectors, Ms. Sandberg worked with the flow of clients’ businesses so that she was able to customize solutions for every client utilizing flexible software that would fit their needs. A certified professional information manager, she met with tremendous success by demonstrating high standards and integrity at all times.

As she moves forward with her career, Ms. Sandberg aspires to conduct genealogical work and continue providing top-notch consulting services. She attributes a significant portion of her professional success to her mentor, an extremely professional and educated woman who hired Ms. Sandberg to work on the Northwest Alaskan Pipeline, which ultimately opened a wide array of opportunities in the field. Looking ahead, Ms. Sandberg hopes to inspire young women to pursue a similar level of success and fulfillment in their own careers.

Ms. Sandberg’s education and professional affiliations allowed her to make a unique imprint on all of her work. She holds a Master of Arts in communications and media from the University of Utah, a Master of Science in information systems and a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese history. To stay at the top of her field, she maintained her involvement with the Association for Professional Computing in Manufacturing, the Association for Manufacturing Technology and the Computers Professional Management organization.

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Sandberg, Susan 1964231