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Gomez, Elsa 557844Title: Director of Quality Assurance for
Research and Development (Retired)
Company: Actavis Inc.
Location: Corona, CA United States

Corona, CA, November 11, 2015, Elsa Gomez, Retired Director of Quality Assurance for Research and Development at Actavis, Inc., has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievement and leadership in quality assurance.

As a professional in the field of pharmaceutical quality assurance, Ms. Gomez strove to provide affordable, high-quality pharmaceutical products that enabled people to effectively manage their health conditions. She is proud to have actively participated in the startup of Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., now known as Actavis, Inc., a leading company in the generic pharmaceutical industry. Ms. Gomez is now retired from her role as director of quality assurance for research and development for the organization. Her position involved overseeing compliance and supervising regulations of the development and manufacture of products. Ms. Gomez was appreciated by her colleagues as someone who was always willing to listen to others’ points of view in an objective and open manner.

A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Ms. Gomez earned a Master of Science in radiation chemistry in 1972 and a Bachelor of Science in physical chemistry in 1967. She began her career as an auditor of companies that provided pharmaceutical products to the United States Department of Defense. Over the years, she gained valuable experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and associated quality control systems. She also obtained membership with the American Society for Quality and the American Chemical Society.

Ms. Gomez’s commitment to the field of pharmaceutical quality assurance has been highlighted by various awards and formal honors over the course of her career. Though she is now retired, she continues to parlay her knowledge and experience through various consultant roles. She also makes more time for her other interests, which include history, archaeology and traveling. Furthermore, Ms. Gomez is a supporter of The Humane Society of the United States and a number of animal shelters in Puerto Rico.

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Gomez, Elsa 557844