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Version 2Title: Owner
Company: Whole Family Health & Nutrition, LLC
Location: Frederick, MD United States

Frederick, MD, November 10, 2015, Johnna Wheeler, Owner of Whole Family Health & Nutrition, LLC, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievements and leadership in nutritional consulting and life coaching.

For more than two decades, Ms. Wheeler has been helping to restore the health of America one person at a time: physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically. Driven by her personal experiences with unhealthy eating followed by diagnoses of systemic candidiasis and breast cancer, she adopted a homeopathic and holistic lifestyle, which she admits saved her life. “When I saw what was happening to my physical and emotional state, I learned what vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are needed to correct deficiencies, achieve balance and promote healing,” she says of her journey to wellness. Astonishingly enough, Ms. Wheeler was able to rid her body of chronic illnesses that had manifested over three decades in just a few short years.

At Whole Family Health & Nutrition, Ms. Wheeler works with clients of all ages struggling with illness and having trouble achieving proper nutrition. Her breadth of knowledge aligns with that of nutritional experts: not only has she experienced many aspects of holistic health care, but she has put in countless hours studying, researching and putting into practice theories firsthand. Additionally, Ms. Wheeler graduated with a certificate in mind-body nutrition from the Institute of the Psychology of Eating with a 3.8 GPA.

Ms. Wheeler’s greatest strengths are her empathy and compassion, as well as her tenacity. A believer in the human spirit and in the ability of people to make good choices once they have the facts, she has impacted the lives of others across the country and continues to do so. Looking ahead, Ms. Wheeler will continue consulting.

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