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Hickman, Cheryl 1741465Title: Chief of Logistics Support Facilities
Company: U.S. Department of Defense
Location: Huntsville, AL United States

Huntsville, AL, Cheryl Hickman, Chief of Logistics Support Facilities and Fort Rucker for the U.S. Department of Defense, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievements and leadership in defense services.

With a background in contract administration and expertise in all areas of defense, Ms. Hickman has spent more than 22 years helping to protect the United States. In her role, she supervises and oversees training, purchasing and negotiations for a range of departments. Passionate for her work, she is regarded for her tact and tenacity to get the job done by optimizing the resources and team members allotted to her. In recognition of her excellence, Ms. Hickman earned a Commander’s Award for Civilian Service and she was a two-time recipient of a medal from the Secretary of Defense.

To support her career, Ms. Hickman holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and umerous industry certifications. She holds a level III certification in contracting, a level II certification in purchasing and a level I certification in program management. She is tremendously active in her professional community. Ms. Hickman is a member of the NCMMA, FEW, BIG and Psi Alpha Zeta. In five years, she intends to obtain a senior executive management position within the department of defense.

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Hickman, Cheryl 1741465