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Sidaross, Eng. Monique 969785Company: Moni Sid & Associates
Title: Director, General Educator, Engineer
Location: Rosemead, CA United States

Rosemead, CA, October 8, 2015, Monique Sidaross, Director and Engineer at Moni Sid & Associates, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in engineering and education.

Throughout nearly three and a half decades of industry experience, Ms. Sidaross has utilized her varying skills to excel with an eponymous engineering consultancy. During the course of her daily routine, she collaborates with government companies. In addition to her work with Moni Sid & Associates, she teaches algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and English, French, and Arabic translation in business at a community college. Although the highlights of her career are numerous, the greatest one has been managing construction sites of hospitals and other major university buildings as a licensed female civil engineer.

A stellar example of skill in her field, Ms. Sidaross excels in her field because of a combination of her prior industry experiences and her educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from Alexandria University and a master’s degree in civil and structural engineering from the University of Southern California. A member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, she is currently attending Walden University in order to earn a Ph.D. in engineering management. During the course of her extensive career, she has been recognized numerous times. ABI/IBC has honored her with a Nobel Prize Medallion, Peace Prize Medallion, American Medal of Honor, and Woman of the Year awards. Looking forward, Ms. Sidaross intends to complete her Ph.D., develop her business, teach at the university level, and become a consultant.

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Sidaross, Eng. Monique 969785