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Coetzer, Tania 1956187Title: Director and Owner
Company: HSB Corporate Solutions
Location: Alberton, Gauteng South Africa

Alberton, Gauteng, October 2, 2015, Tania Coetzer, Director and Owner of HSB Corporate Solutions, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for dedication, achievements and leadership in business consulting.

Drawing upon nearly a decade of experience in her field of expertise, Ms. Coetzer established her own consultancy one year ago to provide advisory services to corporations regarding B-BBEE solutions. She offers solutions for legal human resource and corporate governance in a range of industries. Her professionalism has led her to success, as it is a key facilitator for working with and collaborating with senior executive directors and shareholders of companies. In recognition of her work this year, Ms. Coetzer was named VIP of the Year by Worldwide Branding.

Ms. Coetzer holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Law from the University of South Africa and she is certified in B-BBEE. To support her career further, she is pursuing certification in CIS, corporate administration, secretary service, governance and finance. “I don’t wait for solutions. I find them,” Ms. Coetzer speaks of the driving force behind her work. As she looks ahead, she plans to grow her consultancy in the years to come.

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Coetzer, Tania 1956187