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Title: Attorney at Law
Company: The Law Office of Marla Zamora
Location: San Francisco, CA United States

San Francisco, CA, October 1, 2015, An experienced trial attorney in criminal law, Ms. Zamora is dedicated to defending her clients. After working as a private defender for 29 years, she was brought out of retirement to defend a triple homicide case. Since then, she established a private practice to represent individuals charged with serious crimes. Ms. Zamora’s specialty areas include murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, assaults, sex crimes, hate crimes, kidnapping, robbery, possession for sale of drugs, domestic violence, cultivation, arson and burglary. Additionally, she defends juveniles charged with criminal offenses, which, she notes, is an area of law that needs better acknowledgement and representation to get youth the proper help that they need to get on the right path for the future. As she looks to the future, Ms. Zamora plans to continue fighting for the underdog.

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