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Company: Vivian N. Rivera, LAP
Title: Licensed Acupuncture Physician
Location: Miami, FL United States

As a licensed acupuncture physician, Ms. Rivera truly enjoys helping and educating others, promoting good health and wellness, and giving back to society. She was drawn to the field of oriental medicine after seeing how the branch of medicine had a positive impact on her own health. Ms. Rivera is now pursuing a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in order to supplement her license. In addition to her work and studies in acupuncture, she is nationally certified in HIV and AIDs, and an AIDS Alliance Training Corps graduate. Ms. Rivera serves on the board of directors for the South Florida HIV-AIDS prevention committee, and is particularly proud of her work on a sexual awareness campaign for HIV and AIDS that was utilized internationally. Noted for her tenacity, she intends to continue giving back to her community through her professional and philanthropic endeavors.

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